Trilastin-sr Stretch Mark Lotion And It Effectiveness

Stretch marks are a form of sutures on the skin with an off-color hue which results from tearing of its uppermost layer. They are often caused by stretching of the skin brought about by weight gain or rapid growth for instance, in muscle building and pregnancy. They are also common during puberty. Over-pulling of the skin overcomes elasticity of the dermis layer. They may also be influenced by change in hormones or hormonal replacement therapy for transsexuals and it is controlled by a stretch mark lotion.


Their appearance start as reddish or purple lines, which later fade into a lighter range, and the affected area are soft to touch and feel empty. They can be seen anywhere on the body but most commonly in areas where a lot of fatty substances are stored such as abdomen, thighs, breasts and buttocks. Even though they do not pose any health risks, they have negative effects on self esteem and personal confidence.


A lot of research have been done on several people on the application of massage and cream. The results from the test-team showed that, only a third developed these marks and that two thirds of an untreated group was found to have these marks. Another study conducted on creams or oils whether they had any effects on controlling the development of these marks established that, daily application of assorted such lotions containing vitamin E showed few marks during pregnancy.


During pregnancy, it is impossible to avoid the marks, but if the skin is kept moisturized, it will prevent the itchiness which is often caused by dry and stretched skins. Effective lotions work by restoring the firmness of the skin, strength, elasticity and suppleness.


They contain biological molecules that are formed by glycine and peptide; enzymes and proteins are needed as they act as messenger molecules and bridge communication among cells and thereby allowing them to distinguish between scar tissue and a healthy cell and, therefore, able to degrade them into amino acid components and thus able to rebuild healthy tissues.


Some forms of a stretch mark lotion have proved to be effective in curbing this problem and are often a viable remedy. They are also cheaper compared to the other available options such as tummy tuck and fractional laser resurfacing.trilastin-sr

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